year 10 GPS Product Design (Project 1)  
Homework Tasks  
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NB:  All homework must show your name, the date, the title, and the word "Homework"
Week                 Key
1 Investigate body placement for storage, and high visibility / camouflage. Design a draft personal title box for CAD production. R
2 Further research on GPS systems and particularly  - write a letter/email asking for information on a product that might meet the constraints given in the brief R, E, Ipsc
3 Write a survey and ask family and friends to answer it in relation to the use of and potential popularity of such products - identify the target market R, E
4 Complete the formative analysis of research including a sumative analysis relevant to the specification drafted today. R, E
5 Draw another alternative idea that is very different in approach and/or form. I
6 Complete a PD7308 Convention - Orthographic Prep Sheet number 1 D, P
7 Complete a Development of a Solution worksheet (error correction - Quality Assurance and Control) D, E
8 Collect and bring in "found" items/materials, that can be used to make your model more realistic and detailed R, D
9 Find and illustrate examples of where industrial processes (e.g. vacuum forming) are used in the manufacture of actual devices such as mobile phones, 2 way radios GPS etc. R, Ipsc
10 Produce research on the different finishes that can be applied to plastics and metals R
11 Correction of errors - identify problems with making and how you solved them. Create a separate sheet or add notes to plan of making in red pen. D
12 Complete any unfinished work or improve sections where evaluations have shown gaps D, E
13 Continue to research ways of marketing products - especially look at the use of brochures for advertising.  Collect as many different types of free brochures as possible.  E
Cover 1 Refer to the homework normally set in the chronological sequence of things  
Cover 2 Refer to the homework normally set in the chronological sequence of things  
Your homework is an important part of each week's lessons.  It will either help you to check whether you understand the lesson, or ensure your are prepared for the next one.  
The  letters in the "key" column tell you which part of your assessment each week's task helps towards:  
R Research  
I Ideas  
D Development of ideas  
P Planning  
E Evaluation  
ipsc[1] Industrial Processes, systems, & control