Technology Lesson Planning Sheet
          version :7.5 24-May-04
Teacher S Nicholson Subject GPS Product Design (Project 1)
Teaching group 10L/M BromCom Code  
  (if different from teaching group label)  
Day Monday/Friday Date   Lesson No.: 13-15 of 39
Topic Specification to Ideas NC ref / SoW ref: Key Stage 4
Learning Objective(s) (by the end of this lesson pupils should understand / know / be able to…)
Recognise all the different methods of pictorial drawing and be able to use a range while drawing ideas
Derive a range of different possible solutions to a problem from the task and specification
Choose from a range of ideas basing your judgement on previously known criteria
Make constructive use of annotation to amplify your decisions
Special Needs / differentiation  
All must… all should produce some ideas for product designs using recognisable drawing methods and descriptive notes
Most should most should produce a range of ideas for product designs using recognisable drawing methods with reasoned annotation
Some should some should produce a wide range of ideas for product designs using several recognisable drawing methods with reasoned annotation
Literacy     I.C.T.   Numeracy  
Annotation   o CAD o Averages o
Answering Q in full sentences y Databases o Calculations (general) o
Crossword / Wordsearch o Internet use o Graph drawing; scales o
Keywords   o Spreadsheets o Interpretting Data o
Labelling diagrams y Word Processing o Measuring y
Reading books / worksheets o Other o Other Drill sizes
Writing frames   o  
Other (give details)  
Starter Activity  
Write the Homework in your diary
Get out last week's homework
Draw examples showing all the different methods of pictorial drawing
Homework Draw another alternative idea that is very different in approach and/or form.
Due in : next week
Main Lesson Activities  
Review last week / session topic - complete work on the specification (one out of the 3 lessons)
Pupils to add further "rapid"  ideas to homework - 3D thumbnail sketches with annotation. Refer to product research material.
Choose two (2) "final" ideas based on evaluating initial ideas against their specification and brief
Draw final ideas neatly using pictorial methods to a larger scale and add annotation
Students to tie tag and hand in all course-work for formal assessment.
Plenary What makes a good idea? - group discussion based on how they made their choices
Learning Checks / assessment & summary      
Discussion with pupils   o Q/A session with whole class y
Looking at folders / written and sketched work y Test   o
Practical outcome   y      
Evaluation of the lesson may be found on the reverse of this lesson plan Key: o = possible,     y = included,   ? = may be