GPS Product Design (Project 1) Topic 3D Rendering to Plan of making
        Lesson No.: 22-24 of 39
Learning Objectives: (by the end of this lesson you should know / understand / be able to…)
Explore different mediums for rendering and choosing a preference
Develop skills and techniques with the chosen medium
Apply what has been learned to a final rendering of your product to produce a quality result
Decide what works and correct errors when necessary or choose to start again
Evaluate the technique and style of other's work and resolve to develop my own technique accordingly
Starter Activities:          
Write the Homework in your diary
Get out last week's homework
Freehand sketch two different 3D views of your product  (fast pace  - 5 min. each)
Collect and bring in "found" items/materials, that can be used to make your model more realistic and detailed
Due In: next week