year 10 Sustainable Habitats (Project 3)    
Homework Tasks  
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NB:  All homework must show your name, the date, the title, and the word "Homework"
Week                 Key
1 Research and present an illustrated paper on the social and environmental Impacts of Global Warming R
2 Complete and amend a question paper with Family and Friends about the imacts of Global Warming, for graphic presentation of Graphs and charts R, E
3 Complete the formative analysis of research including a sumative analsys relevant to the specification drafted today. R, I 
4 Complete a PD7308 Convention - Orthographic Prep Sheet R, ipsc
5 Prepare alternative ideas for modification of initial development I
6 Complete a three dimensional (sensitively) couloured rendering to promote your design I, D
7 Design and develop a house/habitat Developer's Logo (from three different ideas) I, D, P
8 Work on conponant construction at home and/or Design a Brochure promoting Sustainable Housing Development - involve your project designs D, P
9 Work on conponant construction at home and collect found objects for model production - scale 1:100 D, P
10 Work on conponant construction at home and write a draft sumative evaluation with direct reference to the specification D
11 Finalise three different outline briefs for the Final Project - choices are negotiable - consider well your ability and funding I
Cover 1 Logically consider and propose a range of ideas in the light of what was learned in the lesson  
Cover 2 Gather "bags full" of research material for your final project possibilities.  
Your homework is an important part of each week's lessons.  It will either help you to check whether you understand the lesson, or ensure your are prepared for the next one.  
The  letters in the "key" column tell you which part of your assessment each week's task helps towards:  
R Research  
I Ideas  
D Development of ideas  
P Planning  
ipsc Industrial Processes, systems, & control