Sustainable Habitats (Project 3) Topic Resarch Info & Context
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Learning Objectives: (by the end of this lesson you should know / understand / be able to…)
Compare different architectural styles and discuss their merits
Analyse planning constraints and decide how they will affect habitat design (info from SBC Planning Office)
Analyse the significance of the "Golden Section / Mean" - ratio 1 : 1.618 and "symmetry" in good architectural design
Review the use of various materials and construction methods
Determine the type of house you would prefer to work with in their project
Starter Activities:
Write the Homework in your diary
Get out last week's homework
List and/or thumbnail sketch (in the context of habitat and completed homework) all the different stratagies being used to reverse global warming
Complete and amend a question paper with Family and Friends about the imacts of Global Warming, for graphic presentation of Graphs and charts
Due In: next week