Sustainable Habitats (Project 3) Topic Planning of/and Making (making)
        Lesson No.: 22-24 of 33
Learning Objectives: (by the end of this lesson you should know / understand / be able to…)
Understand the need for foreward planning and predict time allotments for tasks undertaken
Choose appropriate tools and materials to apply a sense of realism in your model
Develop an appreciation of "pace" in order to meet the deadline
Appreciate a sense of quality and value for the work undertaken
Relate to the value others place within their own work
Starter Activities:          
Write the Homework in your diary
Get out last week's homework
Write a sequence for making a cup of tea (use worksheet courtesy JM)
Work on conponant construction at home and/or Design a Brochure promoting Sustainable Housing Development - involve your project designs
Due In: next week