Technology Lesson Planning Sheet
          version :7.3 24-May-04
Teacher S Nicholson Subject GCSE Final Project Preparation
Teaching group 10L/M BromCom Code  
  (if different from teaching group label)  
Day Monday/Friday Date   Lesson No.: 3-4 of 4
Topic Final Project Prep. NC ref / SoW ref:   Key Stage 4
Learning Objective(s) (by the end of this lessons pupils should understand / know / be able to…)
Consider time constraints and access to financial resourses
Identify the posible cost of the project in (1). time and (2). money
Explore constraints that would/may be problematic in the light of experience
Weighing up the pros and cons decide on a final brief.
Establish a campaign of research
Special Needs / differentiation  
All must… all should recognise that the purpose of their project is to get the best possible grade at GCSE and allow them to demonstrat their abilities
Most should most should have established a logical decision about their proposed project
Some should some should have developed a strong motivation for their chosen project
Literacy     I.C.T.   Numeracy  
Annotation   y CAD y Averages o
Answering Q in full sentences o Databases o Calculations (general) o
Crossword / Wordsearch o Internet use o Graph drawing; scales o
Keywords   o Spreadsheets o Interpretting Data o
Labelling diagrams o Word Processing o Measuring o
Reading books / worksheets o Other o Other o
Writing frames   o  
Other (give details)  
Starter Activity  
Write the Homework in your diary
Get out last week's homework
Explore and identify possible/potential partnerships and links between individual project choices.
Homework Gather "bags full" of research material for your final project possibilities.
Due in : next week
Main Lesson Activities  
Reflect on the success of past projects and consider what made them successful
Establish in writing and sketches, the constraints that will imact a final GCSE Prroject
Set out a proposal for a final outline brief
Draw out a plan/timeline for your reseach campaign
Submit final outline brief for approval and assessment/guidance
Plenary Point to the Summer vacation as being a good time for some enjoyable research - (in between the relatity of demands from the rest of the curriculum).  Provide encouraging "pep talk"
Learning Checks / assessment & summary      
Discussion with pupils   o Q/A session with whole class y
Looking at folders / written and sketched work y Test   y
Practical outcome   y      
Evaluation of the lesson may be found on the reverse of this lesson plan Key: o = possible,     y = included,   ? = may be