Technology Weekly Lessons Plan
          version :1.2 24-Aug-04
Teacher S Nicholson Subject GCSE Exam Final Project and Exam Prep
Teaching group 11C/D BromCom Code  
  (if different from teaching group label)  
Day Monday/Friday Date   Lesson No.: 31-33 of 54
Topic Development of Ideas 3 NC ref / SoW ref:    Key Stage 4
Learning Objective(s) (by the end of this lessons pupils should understand / know / be able to…)
Understand how to develop their design ideas into 'workable' solutions
Special Needs / differentiation  
All must… All must: Be able to explain how they will arrive at a suitable 'solution'
Most should Most should: Have produced the first sheet to illustrate where the solution is heading
Some should Some could: Have developed suitable solutions and be developing dimensions and materials
Literacy   I.C.T.   Numeracy  
Annotation   o CAD y Averages o
Answering Q in full sentences o Databases o Calculations (general) o
Crossword / Wordsearch o Internet use o Graph drawing; scales o
Keywords   y Spreadsheets o Interpretting Data o
Labelling diagrams y Word Processing o Measuring y
Reading books / worksheets o Other o Other o
Writing frames   o  
Other (give details)  
Starter Activity  
Collect project work, equipment and materials ready for the lesson
Also have - 'trial exam' paper, GANTT diagram and project guide booklet to hand
Assemble the whole project in the order of the interim checklist (if not already done)
Homework Sorting out materials and dimention for the 'making' part of the project
Due in : next week
Main Lesson Activities  
Feedback on any exam questions not yet covered
Introduce making the transfer to the 'Development of Solution' stage - explanation of how to gain suitable marks in this section
Make use of the project guide booklet as appropriate
Development of Solution moves from selecting the best design ideas through to the final working drawing, it will include more formal (constructed) drawings and sheets that show an understanding of materials and processes (an input on industrial processes will be needed in a few lessons time)
Pupils will need individual guidance in relation to their own project. Some will need continued pressure (and overtime) to produce suitable work at an adequate pace others may need to be encourage to 'model' their ideas immediately
Plenary Plenary - to be confirmed
Learning Checks / assessment & summary      
Discussion with pupils   y Q/A session with whole class y
Looking at folders / written and sketched work o Test   o
Practical outcome   o      
Evaluation of the lesson may be found on the reverse of this lesson plan Key: o = possible,     y = included,   ? = may be