Technology Weekly Lessons Plan
          version :1.2 24-Aug-04
Teacher S Nicholson Subject GCSE Exam Final Project and Exam Prep
Teaching group 11C/D BromCom Code  
  (if different from teaching group label)  
Day Monday/Friday Date   Lesson No.: 49-51 of 54
Topic Final Assembly and Evaluation NC ref / SoW ref:    Key Stage 4
Learning Objective(s) (by the end of this lessons pupils should understand / know / be able to…)
Know how to apply a quality 'finish' to the model
Understand how to produce a 'summative evaluation'
Know how to assemble and hand work in for marking
Special Needs / differentiation  
All must… All must: Continue constructing models and begin tackling Systems and Control
Most should Most should: Complete an S & C page for the project
Some should Some could: Complete both of these items and progress on to 'modelling for marketing' (see hmwk wk47)
Also see: Also see: Differentiation in writing frame for S & C
Literacy   I.C.T.   Numeracy  
Annotation   y CAD o Averages o
Answering Q in full sentences o Databases o Calculations (general) o
Crossword / Wordsearch o Internet use y Graph drawing; scales o
Keywords   o Spreadsheets y Interpretting Data o
Labelling diagrams y Word Processing o Measuring y
Reading books / worksheets y Other o Other o
Writing frames   y  
Other (give details)  
Starter Activity  
Check the teacher response to the project checklist and transfer identified sections to planners
Ensure that project handing in date is written clearly in planner
Homework Using the sections identified in the project checklist, pupils should have specific tasks set that need to be completed
Due in : next week
Main Lesson Activities  
Pupils should be made aware that there are two school weeks left to complete the project
Again the majority of the double lesson in the sequence should be used for 'making' activities with the proviso relating to the mark scheme (see week 46-48)
Systems and Control needs to be tackled.  An explanation of S & C will be required with examples
Basic information should be gathered about individual projects (using the writing frame if necessary) and then transferred on to A3. A visit to the LRC or a book box would be appropriate
Items within the project that relate to S & C should be identified as such. Care should be taken to ensure that puils reach their target level in this section. Making use of the time being offered after school will be vital this week.
Plenary Plenary - to be confirmed
Learning Checks / assessment & summary      
Discussion with pupils   y Q/A session with whole class y
Looking at folders / written and sketched work y Test   y
Practical outcome   y      
Evaluation of the lesson may be found on the reverse of this lesson plan Key: o = possible,     y = included,   ? = may be