Graphic Products - Pop Up Cards Topic Cover Lesson  Shape & Form
        Lesson No.: 1 of 6
Learning Objectives: (by the end of this lesson you should know / understand / be able to…)
Appreciate that products / board games have to be designed (Process)
Identify different shapes drawn with straight and curved sides (already known to you) 
Identify different forms drawn with straight and curved sides (already known to you) 
Explore ways of making a product easier to hold (curved edges - rounded corners)
Construct and analyse a 3D form - (dice) and explain the difference between a shape and a form 
Starter Activities:          
Write the Homework in your diary
Write your name, group and date on the prepared sheet provided
Quietly read the Design Process section on the sheet provided
Assessed Homework - draw a matchbox empty and open in three dimensions. Higher levels will be awarded for those who also write measurements and notes with the drawing.  Level 6 may be obtained by also analysing the box (taking it apart) and recreating a printed / painted / hand drawn (full size) model made from the card of a cereal box.
Due In: next week