Year 7 Travelers' Board Game Project    
Homework Tasks  
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NB:  All homework must show your name, the date, the title, and the word "Homework"
Week                 Key
1 Research into three games - computer based, board based, travel game. Analyse using worksheet R
2 Apply survey/questionnaire to 10 people R, E
3 Produce a 'mood board' covered in imagery and colours suitable for their game ideas R, I 
4 Analysis of game packaging using clear criteria R, ipsc
5 Word process or write out neatly, the game rules R, ispc, P
6 Worksheet based on game package, making use of isometric drawing process R
7 Preparation for next Technology course  
Extension Completion of any missing homework so far. Extension homework for those targeting level 5 plus - writng frame 'Apply what I know'  
Your homework is an important part of each week's lessons.  It will either help you to check whether you understand the lesson, or ensure your are prepared for the next one.  
The  letters in the "key" column tell you which part of your assessment each week's task helps towards:  
R Research  
I Ideas  
D Development of ideas  
P Planning  
E Evaluation  
ipsc Industrial Processes, systems, & control