Year 8 Graphic Products - Bookmark Project    
Homework Tasks  
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NB:  All homework must show your name, the date, the title, and the word "Homework"
Week                 Key
1 Access a website of a publisher of chldren's books. Print a page R
2 Survey at least 6 people to discover their likes/dislikes related to typography (worksheet). Also - bring in a copy of your favourite book next week. R, E
3 Survey likes/dislikes of different images - worksheet? R, I 
4 Collect suitable examples and produce a colour mood board R, ipsc
5 Printing processes - worksheet R, ispc, P
6 Preparation for next unit of work R
7 Complete homework sheet  
Your homework is an important part of each week's lessons.  It will either help you to check whether you understand the lesson, or ensure your are prepared for the next one.  
The  letters in the "key" column tell you which part of your assessment each week's task helps towards:  
R Research  
I Ideas  
D Development of ideas  
P Planning  
E Evaluation  
ipsc Industrial Processes, systems, & control