Technology Lesson Planning Sheet
          version :7.6 31-Aug-04
Teacher S J Nicholson Subject Graphic Products - Play Park Project
Teaching group 8 P/H BromCom Code  
  (if different from teaching group label)  
Day Tuesday and Friday  Date   Lesson No.: 1 of 5/7
Topic Introduction  NC ref / SoW ref:    Key Stage 3
Learning Objective(s) (by the end of this lessons pupils should understand / know / be able to…)
Understand that effective design comes through the design process
Be able to analyse the problem set and construct a clear specification
Special Needs / differentiation  
All must… all should produce an appropriate mind map
Most should most should produce mind map and specification
Some should some should produce a detailed specification and mind map
Literacy     I.C.T.   Numeracy  
Annotation   y CAD o Averages o
Answering Q in full sentences o Databases o Calculations (general) o
Crossword / Wordsearch o Internet use o Graph drawing; scales o
Keywords   y Spreadsheets o Interpreting Data o
Labelling diagrams   y Word Processing o Measuring o
Reading books / worksheets o Other o Other o
Writing frames   o  
Other (give details)  
Starter Activity  
Write the Homework in your diary
Get out last week's homework
Starter activity to be established
Homework Analyse the play park you sketched for homework last week using the detailed question sheet
Due in : next week
Main Lesson Activities  
Re-inforce the design process and set the brief - to design the lasyout and equipment for e new children's play park
Mind map considerations required for designing the park and parts. Take care to construct the map to a high standard and use the established criteria
Develop a detailed specification for the design using ICT facilities (if available) and writing frame
Develop detailed questions to be used as an analysis exercise for the park sketched as homework
Plenary Plenary to be established
Learning Checks / assessment & summary      
Discussion with pupils   y Q/A session with whole class y  
Looking at folders / written and sketched work y Test   o  
Practical outcome     y        
Evaluation of the lesson may be found on the reverse of this lesson plan Key: o = possible,     y = included,   ? = may be