Year 9 Graphics Products - House and Garden    
Homework Tasks  
version 25-May-04                
NB:  All homework must show your name, the date, the title, and the word "Homework"
Week                 Key
1 Research and collect information on Passive and Active Solar/Geo thermal/electrical collection - Assessed Homework on variety and level of research R
2 Collect and bring in found objects R, E
3 Prepare small model modifications at home for final assembly  (Students may be issued card and sticks etc) R, I 
4 Look at "sustainability", relevant to the garden, including water conservation and composting.  Produce illustrated notes on methods and installations. (Systems & Control Assessment) R, ipsc
5 Preparation for the next module (to be announced - Mod 1 to RM - Mod 2 to CAD/CAM, Mod 3 to Fd, Mod 4 to RM and Mod 5 to Options) R, ispc
6 End of module (homework may be available for next module) 
Your homework is an important part of each week's lessons.  It will either help you to check whether you understand the lesson, or ensure your are prepared for the next one.  
The  letters in the "key" column tell you which part of your assessment each week's task helps towards:  
R Research  
I Ideas  
D Development of ideas  
P Planning  
E Evaluation  
ipsc Industrial Processes, systems, & control