Graphics Products - House and Garden Topic Final touches and evaluation
    Lesson No.: 5 of 5/6
Learning Objectives: (by the end of this lesson you should know / understand / be able to…)
Arrange and join component parts
Apply Finishing touches with some accuracy
Evaluate (in sentence form), theirs and their neighbour's product. Achieve accuracy in quality and finish.                (QA & QC)
Compare model of final product with others in the class and evaluate for the best solutions
Establish personal final assessment levels (level) for negotiating the module (target setting)
Starter Activities:  
Write the Homework in your diary
Get out last week's homework
Mind map "from what you know" different glues that could be used in Model Making - stating benefits and shortcomings.
Preparation for the next module (to be announced - Mod 1 to RM - Mod 2 to CAD/CAM, Mod 3 to Fd, Mod 4 to RM and Mod 5 to Options)
Due In: next week