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At work on the first location


     Thursday July 24th - flight to Boston, Massachusetts and journey north-east, to the small town of Manchester by-the-Sea.  The next morning set aside for rest and relaxation to get over the jet-lag.  Later on Friday and the rest of Saturday was spent gathering materials and equipment, followed by cutting out six (6) pieces of linen for frames, 32" x 24".  Sunday was a day of rest, some spiritual enlightenment and meeting with some old friends over a few pints.


First painting "blocking in"

        Monday through Wednesday was spent on research, becoming familiar with the neighbourhood, and walking the grounds of this magnificant estate perched on a penninsula jutting out into the Atlantic Ocean with its own special gardens in-between outcrops of weathered granite.  S.T. Winthrop House stands proudly at the end of a long wooded drive, with Singing Beach to its north, an inlet at its south, and the constant, soothing sound of lapping waves.  Thursday 31st July, was the first day of painting - blocking out the white primer of the canvas with basic tones and colours seen.  This first work focusing towards the southern face of the house, its grounds so well defined by large granite outcrops and careful positioning of trees, shrubs and flora designed by Supat Sripongsi.


New gilt logo



   Friday August 1st - Woke up to whistling wind through an open window, a fine misty rain and reduced visibility over the water.  Painting outside appeared out of the question, so work was continued on the website, also reworking an old logo design, dating back to 1979. With invaluable assistance from Artist, Jeff Menasco and his Apple system, the hitherto black logo took on a new look.  Set up websites for Ruth and Josh.

    Saturday - more rest and relaxation, updating this web-page and making contact with family back in England. While the weather improved a little, Singing Beach remained almost empty.

Singing Beach after the storm Sea mist hanging over the water


        Sunday 3rd August the weather not much improved.  Mist hanging over water and Beach, presents some interesting possibilities. Armed with digital camera, a number of painting ideas were established - maybe for the third canvas planned to be started on Monday. In the afternoon, thunder heard accross the bay with the sound of water endlessly dripping against the window, seemed to reflect the atmosphere of the day.


     Monday 4th August - still raining! Continue logo design work and block out two more paintings - three canvases complete the first stage (first paint) and are ready for final rendering.

     Tuesday 5th August cool, clear though still threatening rain - more expected in the evening.  Rested following the previous late night of painting.   Reconditioned a studio easel left in the attic by one of the previous owners of Winthrop House, thanks to some matching supplies and help from Dick, at Manchester Hardware.


Early Morning first paint
Singing Mist first paint

      Monday 11th August the weather still poor - so work is done to complete the first batch of three paintings.  

     Tuesday 12th August - starting to warm up, and we missed the apparent excitement of the media and reported power outages accross the east coast into Canada.  The last weekend was spent in the company of the Rev. David Jinno's extended family up in Maine.  My daughter and I took a few macro pictures around "Duck Trap" and we shared some memories together, visiting "Silkweeds" further up on Route 1 in Searsport, Maine, where I had once established a family home, studio and Gallery over twenty years ago.   The first painting, now called "Surfbreak", finished today, with "Singing Mist" following close behind. 

      Monday 18th August - started the forth painting of a crowded Singing Beach.  The first paint puts in general areas of approximate tone and colour, without any of the detail.   Today was altogether a much brighter day - even the rabits were out to play.

     Wednesday 20th August - the weather is much better. Even managed to see the Portland Sea Dogs play last night - and may well be the subject of my last painting of the summer.  It's good enough to enjoy the sun glowing on the pink granite and the sea swirling at high tide - the subject of the fifth painting blocked in today.

Singing Beach first paint

High Tide  first paint