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Stress Risk Assessment

On the 1st October 2004, my school was asked by Swindon's Occupational Health Doctor to undertake a Health and Safety Executive Stress Risk Assessment. While we wait for those recommendations to be effected for the benefit of the whole institution, it should be noted that the Health and Safety Executive has published the following on its own website, www.hse.gov.uk:

"Through HSE commissioned research [The Scale of Occupational Stress, CRR 311/2000], HSE has identified that those working within the education sector in the UK, including non-teaching staff, are some of the most likely to be exposed to psychosocial hazards that can lead to work-related stress. Furthermore, 42% of teachers and 23% of those in other education and welfare roles report high levels of stress."

In November 2004, a colleague and I independently and separately answered the HSE standard questionnaire (indicator tool).  These two results, (Result A and Result B) were an eye-opener for us after the data was transferred separately into the HSE analysis tool.  Consequently, I would recommend that colleagues need not wait to take their own initiative in gaining an insight from their own evaluation. The questionnaire, and evaluation tool can be found on the Health and Safety Executive Web site. Clearly the results of a single questionnaire reveal an individual snapshot view of a worker's employment conditions and would need to be repeated over a period of time.  A valid standard "stress risk assessment" however, should be undertaken by the whole institution (if under 500 employees) where an average of all colleague's responses are subsequently analyzed. It takes the determination of the whole institution to identify and work together to reduce unproductive and unwanted stressors within the workplace.   Check out the HSE Downloads page for full printable details.

 HSE indicator tool                 HSE analysis tool                  HSE analysis tool user manual

An online stress risk assessment analysis tool is provided here. Upon completion of the form, an individual results page in the form of an Acrobat file can be returned to you by email within a few working days when requested.  The anonymity of survey participants will be protected.  Please see the Privacy Statement that follows:

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